Saturday, April 27, 2013

Norwood Books in PDF Download format - Free!

Happy Saturday!  I found two pretty incredible books on the Norwood line that are in free pdf format that I wanted to share.  Both books are commonly sourced as evidence in family trees and can cost hundreds of dollars in paper form.  So it was great for me to find them in pdf form and to get to read them first hand.

I originally found the titles of the books I wanted here.  (I have tried contacting the owner of the site to thank him but my email bounced - I'd love to find them)

Both books are on, which is the LDS church.  No LDS membership or affiliation is required to get the books though.  To find the books, create an account on the site, sign in, click 'search' and then 'books' and type 'norwood' into the search field.

The two I found on are :
Dempsey, James G. Norwood-Northwood Families of Kent, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. Cincinnati: The Author, 1983 - which is a really incredible history of the English norwood family from Jordanous all the way down.  Including all sorts of specific evidence.  It is such a fascinating read that I might have read it from cover to cover without stopping.  

The other was : Norwood, William Howard, James Harvey Norwood, Sr, and Henry Offie Norwood. Comp. "General" John Norwood and related lines. x, 424 p. col. coat of arms, ports. 24 cm. Dallas: Trumpet Press, 1964.  - Also a very interesting history of that part of my line that contains some photos.

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